The Huff So Laid Back We Are Horizontal

free from stress; easygoing; carefree:
a laid-back way of living.

I’m hoping you are nodding away and agreeing with the above as this makes you one of us and we are all about awesome people embracing our way of life.

We Are Horizontal was born out of 10 years living on the hill and realising that life doesn’t have to be stressful or full on. It can be chilled and fun at the same time. In fact it can be so laid back it’s horizontal.

(Mind you if you ask one particular member of the We Are Horizontal crew she will tell you she is horizontal from her lack of ability to control her skis! Panic not though she is a wizard on a board (one out of two ain’t bad!!)

We are more than just a clothing brand we are a way of life and believe us that is not just a cheesy throw away line. We love to chill out with like minded people like you and create designs based on what you want and have fun shredding in between.

This blog pretty much reflects the same ethos. It is not just us writing about how awesome our clothes are. It is a chance for us to share some awesome stories about you guys, finding opportunities for you to come chill with us (its what we do best) and above all have great chat about enjoying the Horizontal life whether you rock the mountains, water or shred the streets.

So go on come join us, we are not pushy or demanding, we are just a bunch of easy going people. In fact it could be said we are #solaidback We Are Horizontal.