Apres Ski We Are Horizontal



1.overwhelming; astounding:

Spending a weekend at the Telegraph Ski and Snow show was a mind-blowing experience.

2. producing a hallucinogenic effect



Mind-Blowing pretty much sums up the last week at We Are Horizontal and I think we have pretty much come back to earth now and buzzing from the aftermath of our launch at the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Show.

We are not going to lie we were stomach churningly nervous about putting ourselves out there at such a big show but do you know what, it was worth every sleepless night and every scrunched up thrown away design and sample as the weekend was EPIC.

We were lucky enough to set up shop in the apre village where we became part of the family of ski loving people that were calling their chalets home for the weekend. The thing we quickly realised is that we are all there as we love what we do and want to share it with everyone but with our own unique spin on it. Big up especially to OOSCSnooksSnow Grenades and Yazzie Parka. You = Awesome

The Huff our brand new hoodie with an integrated face buff was the star of our show. We had some amazing feedback from people keen to try and buy it and more ideas for next year’s version already. We even got The Hoff with The Huff. Let me say that again we got DAVID HASSLEHOFF to sign and be pictured with The Huff. I don’t think I need to say more. We just keep grinning like Cheshire cats at the picture and touching the signed version. #easyilyamused #thehoffrules

Just when we thought it couldn’t gave gotten any better our newly sponsored rider Fiona Reid went and nailed it on Mount Battersea and came first in the Queens Big Air. She is defo one to watch and a sure contender for future stardom. Keep an eye out for our rider profile coming up to see how she is set to bring women’s boarding into the spotlight where it should be.

4 days of ski, snowboarding, selling, chatting, laughing and living like a seasonaire again has left us on such a high that we now have a mission to keep this feeling going right through the season, and to share it with you guys in our laid back way.

The question is where will the Horizontal Team be next? Watch this space. Winter is coming………