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1.the coldest season of the year, and perhaps the most fun time of the year.


2.(especially of a bird) spend the winter in a particular place.

“seasonaires wintering in the Alps”

 Grab your boards, wax your skis, hide your blades (far, far away) and do a little celebratory dance that winter is now upon us. Not only do those words bring glee to Game of Thrones fans but they mean sheer pleasure to all you seasonaires and snow loving awesome people.

How do we know it is winter I hear you ask?! Well, have you checked out the recent snow reports from some of your favourite mountain spots? It is cold out there and boy has it snowed. Check out these photos from our Horizontal Ambassadors who are on Powder Patrol as we speak. I am not jealous, repeat I am not jealous. Nope still not working I NEED snow in my life!!

Tignes – @handrag.apparel

 Courchevel – @handrag.apparel

  Cairngorms – @cairgormsltd

 Susa Valley – @hayleydilnot

At We Are Horizontal HQ know means one thing SHREDDING! I don’t mean putting our bills in a paper eating machine, although I do get enjoyment out of it. I mean it is time for us to dry off from a summer on the water and head up the mountains to worship powder days and torch lit nights while enjoying all that the season has to offer. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a first time snow bunny we not only can dress you perfectly for hitting the slopes, we are here to educate you (hold on just putting my glasses on and old school accent) on all things to make your time in the snow AMAZING!

Every week, or even more if we are feeling fruity we are going to share with you some of our very own Winter Hacks (or Wacks as it shall hereby be known) on how to get the most of the season. From how to look after your kit to how to shape up your body and from speaking the lingo to pulling some tricks we are your one stop shop for all things cool and awesome about winter.

But we need your help in this! Yes you, you beautiful creature brimming with creativity and wonder. We would like you to share your Wacks with us so we can be one huge laid back wacky family. Send us your videos, ideas and tips for whatever you think people need to know to make their season shine. Of course we will have some regular topics but we believe the best things come from people who are in the know and that is you as  you are reading this because you KNOW snow and you KNOW how to rock it.

It couldn’t be easier to get in touch. Drop us an email by clicking here or find us all over social media and share your ideas. We will also be on a Horizontal tour (sadly no tour bus or roadies) but would be awesome to meet some of you and create some videos and content with you directly. Keep an eye out for our whereabouts on here and then let’s shred and chill (note that is not a new version of Netflix and Chill) and make this winter an awesome one!

Peace out! Mike drop! Boom!