As you have may gathered we love nothing more than chilling out with you guys and even more when it involves watching some top notch skiers and boarders competing for a national title. Last Saturday the best of the best came, conquered and celebrated the Kings finals down in sunny(ish) Gloucester, and we were honoured to be there.

Battling it out for a top spot were some of the finest students this country has to offer and man was it a close competition. Full results can be found here but we need to big up some of the high ballers for sure. Newcastle brought their Geordie skills in force with their teams taking top spot in both mixed and snowboard teams and the ladies placing second in their event. Bath and Bristol were also bringing placing high in both team and individual races.

In true snowsports style, there was no such thing as losers as everyone seemed to have an awesome day and spent most of it shredding and enjoying the vibe so smiles all round. As well as watching everyone put down their best runs we got to chill with our mates from Shredski, Nuco and the Kings team who always know how to put on an awesome event. They have shared some of their pics and vids with us so you can enjoy some of the highlights of the day (and remember what you did when the booze came out!)

Skiing at Kings Final Gloucester Ski Slope
Skiing at Kings Final Gloucester Ski Slope
Skiing at Kings Final Gloucester Ski Slope
Skiing at Kings Final Gloucester Ski Slope

It may be the end of season but the dry slope is always open so no excuses not to keep your ride on all summer so we will be checking in still.


We have some exciting news coming for the summer. What will it be? How can you get involved? And most importantly what will you all be wearing????

Keep a laid back eye on the We Are Horizontal page as an announcement is coming soon……………….

Peace out



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