If you are not singing this in your head right now then we need to have words. But not bad words, just words about how frickin amazing Cal Major is. This stand up paddleboarder (we shall now call SUP) is literally taking on fighting plastic pollution one river, sea and ocean at a time.

Cal Major Paddle Against Plastic We Are Horizontal

You see she is on one epic mission to SUP from Land’s End to John O’Groats all by herself to collect thrown away plastic that is clogging up our water systems and also raise awareness of what we can do to help.

She told the WAH team when she popped into HQ for a chat, ‘I feel like that as a society we are disconnected from nature. I hope to encourage people to spend more time outdoors enjoying the incredible wild spaces we have in this country, and hope through developing a love for the outdoors, we can nurture a desire to protect it.’

We couldn’t agree more as we know anyone who is reading this shares our love for the outdoors and the awesome feeling it gives you when you are able to blitz a mountain, ride a wave or cruise the street on a board. The scary thing is we might not be able to do this if the current situation continues.

We Are Horizontal Paddle Against Plastic Cal Major

Cal has already blitzed the South West and over the next 3 months she will be working her way up through the country, through the Caledonian canals and back into the open water to finish her mission. She is not a stranger to tackling environmental issues as last year she did a solo SUP around Skye with the result of producing a very beautiful and poignant film ‘Skye’s The Limit’ that highlights even some of the remoteness places have been affected by plastic pollution and how innocent animals are paying the price of our ignorance. Defo worth a watch, I promise it will get you thinking….

This year she plans to produce another film of her trip and is already overwhelmed by some of the things she has seen already. Paddling up the Devonshire coast she was spontaneously joined by a pod of dolphins which was surreal and grounding as it hit home her precious and beautiful these creatures are. Coming up through the waterways of the Severn she was also shocked at just how much plastic she was pulling out of the water and hopes by showing this people will be shocked into action.

Cal Major We Are Horizontal Paddle Against Plastic

Paddle Against Plastic is not only championing pollution it is also supporting charities that help people with mental health issues as it is personal topic for Cal. As a vet she has seen first hand how depression and mental health issues are becoming a common occurrence amongst fellow vets and the devastating effect it can have. So if Cal wasn’t amazing enough she is also raising money for the Samaritans and Vet Life on her way to help people find that someone to talk to and not suffer on their own.

We Are Horizontal are huge fans of Cal (if you haven’t already guessed) so will be rooting and tooting for her all the way and sharing updates and stories on the blog in the hope you guys will join in with the support campaign. We will also be bigging up some events for World Oceans Day as we love the water as much as our mountains, so we need to look after this force of nature. So, grab a bag, pick up some plastic and look to see what you can do to help, every little really does help.


Here is one small change to get you started. Ditch the straws, they are nasty things that harm animals in horrible ways. Instead try using a metal one which are available in loads of places or even better, use some pasta!!


You can thank us later!!


Be kind and look after each other.


Peace out

We Are Horizontal Cal Major