Being a newbie on the ol’ mountain block is a wild thing. We all enjoy the same thing and want to share that with the world in some form or another. The cool thing about urban sports is that yes, we can be competitive and stuff but to be honest we are just super stoked to be able to do what we do and share the love with one another.

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Before you ask we haven’t been drinking (yet) and we’re not on anything but just trying to get the point across that sometimes biggest isn’t always the best and that it is good to look at the smaller, more independent companies as they are more than likely to have an in-depth knowledge and love for what they do and that makes it more awesome.

So, I promise this is going somewhere, we are super stoked to be working with a brand new company run by a group of sic guys that just want to give you the best dam ski trip of your life. We mean it, these guys mean business and are beasts in the world of creating a week in the mountains that promises first lifts and last orders every day.

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They are all graduates who remember (well kinda, does anyone? I still don’t know where my tatt came from or where my board went) how incredible their uni ski trips were and noticed how there is no company offering that experience to those who have graduated, too old (me, never) or just want a sic week enjoying the best mix of shredding and apre with their mates.


Introducing, Shredski, the answer to your grown up dreams. They are working to create an awesome trip in Feb 2019 that will capture the essence of a uni trip, be affordable and involve brands who love the mountains as much as you. They are also working hard to bring some summer events to life so that you can get into the spirit to keep you going until the snow falls! Check out their website here and get your self signed up to be first in the queue when their tickets drop and to hear what the summer has to offer.

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We at WAH have been lucky enough to be chosen as one of the official brands supporting the guys and are stoked to be involved with a company who shares the same ethos (deep, I know) as us. In all seriousness we launched Horizontal as we spent so many years working seasons and enjoying board sports so wanted to design clothing that not only looked good but technically worked in with what we were doing. We did A LOT of market research as well to find out what you guys wanted so we could bring it all together in our range. It is easy enough to buy a hoodie but we wanted more from just a standard one, we need longer lengths, easy accessible pockets, zips (inspired by an epic dropping of a mobile phone from my pocket while on a lift) and an easily accessible buff for when the weather draws in and that is how the Huff was born. The guys at Shredski have brought the same to their epic ski week. Anyone can book a ski holiday but they want to make it an unforgettable that you can share with like minded folk who are there to enjoy the same thing as you.

If reading all this has given you a thirst to be part of the awesome community of mountain lovers then what are you waiting for, grab a drink, sign up to Shredski and treat yourself to some rather nice gear to celebrate.


Catch you at the bar……