How we started

So It Begins….

We Are Horizontal was born on a cold and wet miserable morning. After spending 10 years living the dream and running from winter to summer seasons we decided enough was enough (what were we thinking?) Back in the UK living the 9-6 (when did the 9-5 stop?) we still needed our fix our unique style.

Coming from a printing and design background the leap was definitely the next step. People have always said ‘You Are So Laid Back, You Are Horizontal’

We want to bring you a brand that will give you a lust for adventure in everyday life. Life is fun and doesn’t always have to be so serious. Just sit back relax and why not join us.

‘You Are So Laid Back, You Are Horizontal’






Quality Materials

Quality is a massive part of what we do. We source fabric and materials for all our items. We even go and visit our manufacturers to make sure everything we want is done to the standard we ask.

Top Ten Best Newcomer

Super stoked is an understatement. We got named as one of the best new comers in The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard. Check the article out here.

Think You Have What It Takes

We are always on the look out for ambassadors so if you think you can spread the word whilst looking stylish then please get in contact.

UK Based

We are super proud to be spreading our word in the UK but we also like to take a few weekends away in the alps. If you see us on the M5 or in resort then make sure you come say hi

We Are Horizontal The Huff Hoodie
Established In 2016

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