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Lesley Quinn

We Ski, You Ski, Let’s Shredski

By Winter
Being a newbie on the ol’ mountain block is a wild thing. We all enjoy the same thing and want to share that with the world in some form or another. The cool thing about urban sports is that yes, we can be competitive and stuff but to be honest we are just super stoked to be able to do what we do and share the love with one another.

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Kings (and Queens) of the Slope

By Dry Slope
As you have may gathered we love nothing more than chilling out with you guys and even more when it involves watching some top notch skiers and boarders competing for a national title. Last Saturday the best of the best came, conquered and celebrated the Kings finals down in sunny(ish) Gloucester, and we were honoured to be there.

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Busy Bees

By Fashion, Winter
Ok so we need to apologise, we have been living a lie the past few months, we haven’t been our spiritual laid back selves, nope, nada, not at all! We have been running around like very stylish buffoons making sure you all look the part for the season and for all your ski trips while building our very new and shiny website. BUT, it was all in the name of epic-ness   as we got to meet and shred with loads of you awesome people out there and design a website that is true to us to share with you guys as well.

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if you want authenticity you have to initiate it

We Are Horizontal