Meet Our Team

We are super stoked when we get rider to become part of our family. Check out below who they are and what they do. Think you have what it takes to join the team? Then send us a message with a link to your videos

Charlee Dean

Snowboard Sponsored Athlete

Name: Charlee

Age: 11

Hometown: Hemel

Other Sponsors: Snocoat / Snow Centre

Discipline: Slopestyle

Stance: Regular

Board / Skis: Never Summer

Signature Trick: Method

Comps / Medals: Brits 2019 / English Champs 3rd Under 16's

Fav Rider: Katie O / Aimee Fuller

Resort: Laax

Other sports: Swimming / Judo / Parkour

Most likely to be heard saying: Nothing

Started: 7 – voucher for birthday

Del Shepard

BMX Sponsored Athlete

Jacob Robertson AKA JJ

Snowboard Sponsored Athlete

Name: JJ

Age: 21

Hometown: Glasgow

Other Sponsors: Brick & Steel Limited / Snocoat / Ski n Board Room

Discipline: Slopestyle

Stance: Regular

Board / Skis: Salomon Villian

Signature Trick: Front 3 Dracula

Comps / Medals: K Jam / English Champs 3rd Overall

Fav Trick: One foot backflip

Fav Rider: Billy Morgan

Resort: Pila

Other sports: Skiing

Most likely to be heard saying: Repeats everything

Started; 11th birthday

Oscar Powell

MTB Sponsored Athlete

Roahan Duncan

Snowboard Sponsored Athlete

Name: Roahan

Age: 11

Hometown: Dundee

Other Sponsors: Capita (Ambassador) / Demon / Union (Ambassador)

Discipline: Slopestyle

Stance: Goofy

Board / Skis: Scotty Stevens Capita

Signature Trick: one footed

Comps / Medals: Bearsden / Brits U12 / English Champs U12 1st

Fav Trick: Club 10

Fav Rider: Scott Stevens

Resort: Laax

Other sports: Skateboarding

Most likely to be heard saying: Wow / Double Wow

Started: 5 years old with brothers.

Deja AKA Pocket Rocket

Skier Sponsored Athlete