All The Sizes You Need

The Shred Softshell & The Boss Softshell

All softshell hoodie feel a bit snugger as softshell material doesn't stretch like a normal hoodie. We recommend sizing up

Small 44" Chest
Medium 46" Chest
Large 48" Chest
XLarge 50" Chest
XXL 52" Chest
XXXL 54" Chest
Please see the size chart below for more details

The Huff / Huff 2.0 & The Boss

The Huff / Huff 2.0 & The Boss are again a little bigger and oversized for more comfort on and off the mountain.

Small 43" Chest
Medium 45" Chest
Large 47" Chest
XL 48" Chest


Small 37" Chest
Medium 40" Chest
Large 43" Chest
XL 46" Chest


Small 36-38" Chest
Medium 38-40" Chest
Large 42" Chest
XL 44-46" Chest


Small 34-37" Chest
Medium 38-41" Chest
Large 42-45" Chest
XL 46-49" Chest


One size fits all